The indispensable tool for a daily challenge –
Rule of Three Pro

Everyone learned it in school, the Rule of Three – the easy way to calculate the fourth unknown variable out of three known ones. Our App “Rule of Three Pro” handles both ways of the Rule of Three, the Direct Rule of Three and the Inverse Rule of Three.

Directly proportional:
More requires more, and less requires less.

An example for the Direct Rule of Three:
The price for 7 lbs of apples is $12. How much is it for 2,5 lbs?
The result: $4,29.

Inversely proportional:
More requires less, and less requires more.

An example for the Inverse Rule of Three:
10 workers need 23 hours for a given amount of work.
How many hours do six workers need?
The result: 38,33 hours.